San Francisco

‘How Much is Rent in There?' SF Sinkhole Tweets Poke Fun at City's Absurd Cost of Living

Minutes after photos surfaced on social media of a large sinkhole that trapped a family inside their SUV on a busy street in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, the internet got to work.

Not only did a barrage of sinkhole photos hit Twitter, sinkhole jokes followed as well, poking fun at San Francisco’s exorbitantly expensive rental market. One bedroom apartments are averaging $3,500 in the city right now, pushing out many people who can’t afford rent (remember that story we broke right here about the guy who didn't want to pay crazy San Francisco rents and moved into a box in his friend's living room for $400 a month?) — Wonder what kind of magic he would do with a hole.

City officials said a broken sewer line caused the 12 feet long by 5 feet wide sinkhole to form on Mission Street, between New Montgomery and 2nd Street. The sinkhole is nine feet deep.

“7:00PM sinkhole forms in San Francisco 7:01PM Thirty-five people on wait list to rent sinkhole,” tweeted economist Daniel Lim. That tweet went viral, getting more than a thousand retweets.

“They just pulled the car out of the sinkhole. how much is rent in there?” asked San Francisco aero engineer Chuck Reynolds.

At least one person decided to use the sinkhole to make a statement on dedicated bus lanes, tweeting: "South of Market sinkhole: divine retribution for the hubris of #KeepMissionRed bus lanes"

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