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SFPD Investigate 2 Shootings in Bayview, Potrero Hill

Police are investigating two shootings that took place in San Francisco's Bayview District and Potrero Hill neighborhood Tuesday afternoon within a few hours of each other.

At about noon on Tuesday, police responded to the scene of a collision involving two vehicles near the intersection of Ingalls Street and LaSalle Avenue in the Bayview District.

One driver and two vehicles were still at the scene when police arrived.

The driver who stayed with his vehicle told police that a vehicle was chasing another vehicle and that the pursued vehicle rear-ended his own vehicle. The pursued vehicle then crashed onto the sidewalk where it came to a stop, while the pursuing vehicle fled the scene.

The driver of the vehicle that crashed on the sidewalk got out of the car and ran from the intersection.

When officers arrived at the intersection, they found several bullet holes in the abandoned vehicle, police said.

As the officers investigated the crime scene, the driver of the vehicle on the sidewalk arrived at the San Francisco Police Department's Bayview Station and reported the incident.

He told police that he had been driving when a newer-model black sedan pulled up alongside him and someone inside that vehicle began shooting a gun at him, police said.

He then attempted to speed up to get away from the shooter, but crashed into the vehicle in front of him before his vehicle came to a stop on the sidewalk.

The driver told officers that no gunfire had hit him, police said.

Police are investigating the incident and have not yet detained any suspects.

A second shooting occurred a couple hours later on Tuesday, at about 3:45 p.m., in the city's Potrero Hill neighborhood, police said.

Officers responded to a report of shots fired in the vicinity of 22nd and Connecticut streets near the Connecticut Friendship Garden at the top of Potrero Hill.

Police located several bullet casings in the street but despite interviewing witnesses, they were not able to locate any victims, suspects, or damage.

Anyone with information about these shootings is urged to contact San Francisco police at (415) 345-7300 or the Police Department's anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444.

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