Sideshows in Oakland Cause Concern

An Oakland City Councilmember is calling out law enforcement claiming they are not doing enough to stop sideshows in the city.

Cars stopping traffic and making donuts in the street is a problem all over the Bay Area and Noel Gallo said he’s fed up after dozens of people showed up blocking the intersection at 42nd and High Streets near I-880 this weekend.

"Why don't we have sideshows in Alameda? Because they don't tolerate it," Gallo said.

The councilman said he would like to see police officers start cracking down on the illegal activity that’s been going on in Oakland for years. He said the laws are in place, they just need to be enforced.

"The first argument I got was 'well we need the tow trucks to remove the cars’ then 'who do we site there are too many people, we don’t have enough officers,'" said Gallo.

California Highway Patrol officers did make several arrest after showing up on the Bay Bridge this weekend when cars stopped traffic putting on a show.

"If you are caught participating in this behavior you can be incarcerated and your vehicle could be impounded for 30 days," said Alicia Moreno from CHP.

If convicted, participants could face a $1,000 fine.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the Oakland Police Department about the issue but they said they couldn’t comment.

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