Sir Patrick Stewart Attends, Enjoys Outside Lands

Famed actor may have had a little bit too much fun

He came. He saw. He had a little too much fun. Sir Patrick Stewart wandered the glens and hollows of Golden Gate Park this past weekend, tagging along with The Improvised Shakespeare Company for at least part of the Outside Lands music festival.

Stewart also performed with the crew over the weekend, according to SFist. He was on the West Coast as of August 9, when he arose early to watch his favorite soccer team -- Huddleston Huddersfield Town -- play their first match of the season. After that, he wandered over to the park for what was, according to his Twitter feed (which is the gospel source on such matters), his "first music festival."

Is it possible that Stewart has achieved peak hipness? His wife, Brooklyn-based musician Sunny Ozell -- who, it appears, dined at State Bird Provisions on Saturday, a feat of incredible fortune in itself -- appears to have had as tough a time at Outside Lands as her knighted man.

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