SJ Man Finds New Use for Twitter

Man uses Twitter to notify when laundry done - hundreds follow!

A San Jose man is taking social networking for a spin.

TiVo senior programmer Ryan Rose got tired of mildewed clothes, so he rewired his Whirlpool washer to email his blackberry through the Internet service Twitter, when his wash is done.

He says he can also be notified by text.

Rose has gotten a lot of attention on blogs and youtube and even a write up in the LA Times.

More than 300 other people have signed up for Ryan's Twitter feed.

There's no way to know why they would care when his wash is ready for the dryer.

Washing Machine Twitter Hack from Ryan Rose on Vimeo.

 Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media Web sites and is very popular among those who love to send small updates to friends and business associates throughout the day.

The service has garnered criticism from others who say they find the short, 140-character limit of the messages limiting.

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