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SJ Police Search For Man in Pickup Who Shot at Carload of Women

A late night fast food run took a violent turn in San Jose early Wednesday morning as a man in a pickup truck opened fire on a carload women, hitting one of them, according to San Jose police.

The suspect was still on the loose Thursday night, police said.

It all started at a Jack in the Box on Monterey Road in San Jose. One of the victims, who didn’t want to be identified, said she was driving her white Toyota when the man opened fire, hitting one of the women in the arm and leaving a bullet hole in her car.

"He got in the drive through, I got behind him, you know, no words were exchanged," she said. "Nothing, just ordering food."

She remembers the pickup driver peeling out as he left the restaurant. After she got her food and started driving home, she noticed the same truck again.

"That’s when he got on the side of me and started getting super close to my car," she said. That's when he fired at them, she said.

The woman called 911 and her dad, and they all met police at a Morgan Hill convenience store, she said.

"Her friend was crouched over, wasn’t moving at the time I got there," said Donald Jimenez, father of the driver. "I thought she was dead."

The woman's friend had been shot in the arm and was taken to a local hospital, police said. She was treated and released and was at home recovering Thursday.

Jimenez said police told him detectives have images of the alleged gunman and his truck as he was in front of the young woman at the Jack in the Box drive through.

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