Los Angeles

Slow Down! Rain Arrives Just in Time For Busy Holiday Travel Days

Rain is on the way to the Bay Area, and while it is welcome sight for a lot of reasons, the timing isn't exactly ideal for the hundreds of thousands taking to the roads for holiday travels.

In the already congested Bay Area, rain adds another dangerous element on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Rainfall is expected to hit most of the region in earnest Wednesday as people head to their destinations for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"I’m actually traveling down to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving," one motorist, Evelyn Wong said.

No matter which direction motorists are headed, they're bound to be on slippery roads. In the Sierra Nevada, the storm is expected to dump snow at higher elevations in addition to rain.

"I’ve had an incident where I’ve been in the car with family members, and we’ve spun out before because of the water," traveler Quante Martin said.

The general manager at Safe Tow in Livermore says the number of calls his business receives definitely increases during the first rain.

"I think they forget that it’s wet grease and dirt that has been piling up all summer long, during the fall coming to surface, and especially with the rain, becomes slippery," Joe Melchior said. "A lot of spinouts, people going off the road into ditches."

The California Highway Patrol will be out in force during the entire Thanksgiving weekend, and it says the rain will make it a little tougher on them because people don’t tend to slow down when the roads get wet.

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