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Soccer Fans in San Jose React to Solo's Allegations Against FIFA Official

The U.S. women's soccer team was in San Jose on Sunday night for a friendly against Canada, and there was a buzz around recent sexual harassment allegations by Team USA's former goalkeeper Hope Solo.

Solo has accused Sepp Blatter, former president of FIFA, the international governing body for soccer, of pinching her buttocks during an awards ceremony four years ago. She joined hundreds of women from across the country who are going public with accusations against their alleged attackers or harassers.

While Team USA took care of business on the field at Avaya Stadium, it's what Solo said happened off the field that had many fans talking.

Soccer fans Kristi and Mike Ward said they applaud Solo for coming forward.

"I thank them for paving the way and feeling confident enough to come out," Kristi Ward said.

Bravery, the Wards said, will help level the playing field for a new generation of young women in and out of sports.

"I think anyone who comes forward with any type of situation that has happened to them, has the right to be heard," Mike Ward said. "And not only the right to be heard, but the right to justice."

Solo is among hundreds of women in recent weeks who have gone public with accusations against actors, politicians and others positions of power. Fans see the surge of women bravely coming forward as progress that is long overdue.

"I'm excited that the world is willing to listen to it, at this point in time, and it's an exciting thing to finally be happening," women's soccer fan Alexis Heri said.

Blatter has denied Solo's allegations.

A spokesman for the U.S women's national team declined to comment on the allegations against Blatter or Solo's comments about it being a problem in the sport in general.

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