CZU Complex Fire

Santa Cruz Schools Open Classrooms for Teachers Displaced by CZU Complex

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It's not easy finding a place to shelter all the people who have to evacuate their homes because of raging fires. But a Santa Cruz school district found a way, providing both a high school gym for local evacuees and allowing teachers and staff to stay in their own school facility.

Harbor High School is one of the campuses being used as a shelter for evacuees. District teachers and staff who have nowhere else to go after evacuating their homes are allowed to shelter on campus.

"It's a little strange," said Lindsey, a drama department technical supervisor at Harbor High. She usually spends a lot of time working at the Cathy Warner Theater on campus, but now lives there.

After being evacuated from home due to the fires, Lyndsey is taking advantage of the Santa Cruz City Schools offer to teachers and staff to make this a temporary home along with pet cat Jinx.

"Insanely grateful," she said. "It means a lot and I know for the staff that has been displaced, and to know it is an option."

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