South Bay Man Keeps Businesses Clean Before Employee Return

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With the governor saying we have “days, not weeks” from reopening more parts of the state, offices are slowly starting the process of preparing to bring employees and customers back and that includes making sure everything is sparking clean.

A South Bay man is hoping that means his business is about to pick up. He cleans and sanitizes facilities before employees come back and he’s currently hiring. 

“This is the best opportunity, the best time to do viral or preventive cleanup,” said Mauricio Mejia from Calex.

Calex, or California Labor Exchange, said it can come in when offices are empty.

“You’re using fog machines, you’re using chemicals, using sprays,” said Mejia. “It's not that it's going to affect human beings because they’re out of the way right now.”

Calex is a new staffing agency that’s focusing solely on post-COVID cleanup and sanitation and they believe that as the state reopens, they’ll be looking for hundreds of workers to do the job from Sacramento to San Diego.

“We’re looking to start hiring. We’ll go through the application process,” Mejia said. "Right now we’re getting all the information.”

Once the offices do open up, techies might see their entire work world change.

The famed Silicon Valley shared work spaces may be gone, as work spaces might be partitioned off with plexi glass to protect employees for each other. 

“This is something that’s going to be the new norm,” said Mejia.

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