Steve Jobs Wanted to Surprise Millionth IMac Buyer as Willy Wonka

Did you know that Steve Jobs, ruthless perfectionist and ex-Apple CEO was also a total Willy Wonka fan? So much, in fact, that he wanted to cosplay as Wonka and personallyfreak out treat the millionth iMac buyer.

Exposed in Ken Segall's new book Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success, Jobs wanted to pull a Wonka by putting a golden certificate into the box of the millionth iMac sold. The lucky buyer would then be flown to Cupertino for a free Apple campus tour.

Segall goes on to say that Jobs had already ordered his creative team to mock up a golden cert with the addition that he was going to dress up in a top hat and coat with tails.

And Jobs would have had his way too if it weren't for a California state law that requires the contest be open to non-purchasers as well. Jobs killed the plan knowing that a non-Apple fan could potentially win. That would have been embarrassing.

Now, that would have been worth paying money to see. Tim Cook, you like top hats?

That Steve Jobs — what a guy. Maybe dropping acid really did keep his creative juices flowing.

MacRumors, via Cult of Mac

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