Stray Cat Wrapped in Chain Survived On Three Legs In Oakland

Oakland's toughest cat could use your help.

Fruitvale resident Ruby, a 1-year old stray cat who lived in a feral colony near the freeway, survived three weeks on three legs after a metal chain someone wrapped around her neck somehow trapped one of her limbs as well.

Island Cat Resource and Adoption managed to snag Ruby off of the streets, but not before the chain became embedded in the bone of her leg.

She's been living in a loving foster home since October, where -- after the surgery to remove the chain was a success -- it was discovered that she'd also been dealing with a broken pelvis, a situation that's "untreatable," according to her backers at

"That poor cat has been through a lot," Ellen Lynch, a volunteer with Fix our Ferals, which caught Ruby just in time, said to news sources. "I've seen a lot of abused dogs and a lot of abused cats. And this is one of the worst."

Ruby's kidney has been removed at the same time she was spayed. All of this medical care to give her the best life possible is expensive, though.

And so far, over $2,100 has been raised toward "Ruby the survivor's" medical bills.

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