San Jose

Suspected Shooter in San Jose Pursuit, Standoff Appears in Court

The woman accused of shooting at deputies during a carjacking chase in San Jose made her first appearance in court Wednesday.

Joanna Mae Macy-Rodgers was charged with eight felony counts, with four of those related to firing a shotgun at pursuing officers. Court documents released Wednesday show Macy-Rodgers has already admitted firing the shots under directions from her accomplice Mark Morasky.

"Miss Macy-Rodgers leaned out the passenger side of the car and fired at sheriff's deputies, striking the car the undercover sheriff deputies were driving at least four times," Prosecutor Alaleh Kianerci said.

On Feb. 14, sheriff deputies and police officers surrounded a hijacked UPS truck on North First Street. After a long standoff, the male suspect, later identified as Morasky, was shot and killed by police, Macy-Rodgers was arrested and the UPS driver taken hostage escaped unharmed.

Court documents also show for the first time the name of the UPS driver who was kidnapped and forced to drive during the chase. He has been identified as Mitchell Ellerd.

The prosecutor echoed the words of San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia and called the UPS driver a hero.

"He exhibited  extreme resolve, courage and bravery," Kianerci said. "Had he not composed himself the way he did, many more lives could have been lost."

Macy-Rodgers is due back in court on March 12 to enter a plea. She is being held without bail. Her family was in court Wednesday, but declined comment.

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