Teacher Accused of Harming Students Removed from SF Classroom

A teacher accused, but never prosecuted of, harming students is out of the classroom.

A San Francisco public school teacher was removed from the classroom after a group of parents discovered she had been accused of harming students at a previous school, and "stormed" a Tuesday school board meeting to demand her dismissal, according to reports.

 Deborah Fergin-Mavaega, 51, was removed from her teaching position at Sherman Elementary School following the parents' action, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The parents became suspicious when Fergin-Mavaega was transferred to the school a week into the school year without their notice or approval, the newspaper reported.

Then parents found out that Fergin-Mavaega had been charged, but never prosecuted, with physically harming a student in 2009, the newspaper reported.

Parents assembled lawyers to remove the teacher, before the school district agreed to remove her to a non-teaching position, the newspaper reported.

Charges against Fergi-Mavaega in the prior cases were dropped after she agreed to a pretrial diversion program, the newspaper reported.

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