Teen Takes Aim at Google With a Giant #@$%

Parents of British teen shocked about son's art project

Rory McInnes really wanted his house to stand out on Google Earth.

The popular service provided by Google allows Internet surfers to view satellite pictures of addresses across the globe without leaving their homes.

The 18-year-old British student decided to paint an unforgettable picture on the roof of his parents' multi-million dollar after watching a documentary on Google Earth, according to our friends at the Sun.

But it took a year for Rory's parents Andy and Clare to even notice that there was a giant drawing of a gigantic male organ on their roof.  All he needed was a can of white paint and the guts to climb onto the roof of his parents home.

His secret was revealed when a helicopter pilot spotted it and hovered long enough for his passenger to take some pictures. Take a look at some of the pictures for yourself on BBC's Web site.

“It’s an April Fool’s joke, right?" Andy McInness asked The Sun when they called him to ask about the painting. "There’s no way there’s a 60 foot phallus on top of my house.”

The father then spoke to his four children to see if they knew something about the painting. Rory, who was in Brazil when is his father called, burst into laughter when his father called, according to The Sun, and said, “Oh, you’ve found it then!”

His parents were not happy about the painting to say the least. They told him he gets to scrub it off when he gets back home.

“We don’t want any more children, so the idea of sleeping under a giant fertility symbol is rather worrying,” his mother Clare told the paper.

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