The Interview: One on One With John McAfee

Silicon Valley pioneer John McAfee sits down with Raj Mathai

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His early days in the Silicon Valley were fueled by cocaine and alcohol. Nowadays, it's a new set of problems. Police say John McAfee might be connected to a neighbor's murder in Belize.

He fled that small Central American country, leaving behind a trail of teenage girls and guns. He's now in Portland, Ore., thousands of miles away from Belize, and that's where NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai caught up him.

"So what would you tell the Belizean Government if you had any role in his murder?" Raj asked McAfee. "Absolutely none," McAfee replied. "They know this, they know I'm not involved in the murder, they haven't questioned anybody else."

McAfee knows people question whether he's lost his mind, but insists it doesn't bother him. "Much of the press has been very negative. I'm a mad man. Perhaps I am, I don't think I am," McAfee told Raj adding: "People on the street all give me the high five sign. Keep going!"

McAfee's personal life, is one that sounds right out of Hollywood. In fact, he's already sold the rights to a movie. "I do have teenage girlfriends and many at a time," McAfee told Raj. "Nothing illegal, they're well beyond the age of consent. I see nothing wrong with it."

His life now is very different from decades ago when he started McAfee. He admits money changed him. "Suddenly you have all this power and all this money. You can buy whatever you want and I did," McAfee said.

"You know I bought stuff I didn't need. At one point I had houses in every part of the world. Yeah, that's being a jerk."

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