The Web's Most Dangerous Celebrities

Why Jessica Biel and Tom Brady could crash your computer

The direct relationship between being a Hollywood star, and making someone curse your name while they surf, just got more direct.

Silicon Valley computer security firm McAfee just released its "Most Dangerous Celebrities in Cyberspace" report, and it's full of big names, and beautiful people.  Topping the list: Jessica Biel, glamorous actress, and girlfriend of Justin Timberlake.  Beyonce - glamorous singer, actress, and wife of Jay-Z - checks in at number two, with Jennifer Aniston rounding out the top three.

What they all have in common, besides fame, is a rabid fanbase that loves to follow their every move on the internet.  Which makes their fans vulnerable to hackers.  McAfee's Shane Kearts says "cybercriminals  target what's new and current."  Meaning, lots of spyware, malware, and viruses embedded in links you can click on with your favorite celeb's name.

For instance:  Tom Brady, a Patriot, comes with a Trojan attached to some of his downloads.  The kind of Trojan you don't want.  Ashley Tisdale?  Watch out, 'High School Musical" fans .. many of her links have dangerous malware attached.  Same with Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian.  On the safer side?  The Obamas.  They weren't even in the top 30.

One mistaken link can cause havoc to your computer.  Best bet?  The McAfee advisors say, stay on websites that you know and trust, avoid links that come from e-mails (especially when you don't know who's sending them), and check to see if your computer has up-to-date virus detecting software.

Atfer all, that Rihanna ringtone may sound great, but it could be a good link gone bad.

Check out the full list here.

Scott Budman promises to cut back on his Beyonce web searches.

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