“This Is Something Our City Needs To Take Care Of”: Rash Of Armed Robberies Hit SJ’s Evergreen

San Jose police are investigating a rash of armed robberies to hit the Evergreen neighborhood. Authorities do not believe the robberies -- five reported in the past two weeks -- are related.

The most recent incident involved a robber pulling a semi-automatic handgun on a victim last week at Evergreen's Groesbeck Hill Park. Just days before that incident, another robbery was reported near Fowler Creek Park

The victim told police two men wearing ski masks, also armed with semi-automatic guns, confronted him while he was on an evening walk.

Login Aiello's daughter, Kylie, enjoys playing at the nearby park and said the recent crimes are a concern.

"You do everything you can, but sometimes you can't do enough," he said. "When somebody has a weapon or using force, you're going to do everything you can. But if you can't meet with equal force, I'm not going to carry a gun to a park."

One family in the neighborhood said they have been watching an uptick in burglaries at Evergreen the last couple of years.

"This is something our city needs to take care of," a neighbor said. "I know there's a shortage of police, but it needs to be handles."

Police have spent the last six months increasing patrols in Evergreen to handle all the burglaries. Officers are also working overtime shifts in attempt to catch the crooks.

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