Threatening Flier Puts Animal Rescuers on Alert in Antioch

Animal rescuers in Antioch are on alert, worried someone is trying to trap and harm feral cats after a threatening flier has been circulating throughout the city.

The flier claims it is form the city's animal services division, but city officials said they have never seen it.

The flier asks anyone who owns an outdoor cat to bring them in so they do not get accidentally trapped.

Resident Maria Morena thinks she got one of the fliers.

"It didn't look real to me," Morena said.

Antioch Animal Services said the flier is fake and do not know who sent it out.

"This is either a relocation or someone who is trapping them to have them euthanized," said Susan Smith with the Homeless Animals Response program, an advocacy group working in Antioch. "So we need to be aware of it."

Neighbors said there are too many cats, but wonder what the flier is all about.

"My concern is if they trap them, what are they going to do?" Morena said.

Karen Kops
This phony flyer has been circulating in Antioch.
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