Threatening Graffiti Targets Hipsters in San Francisco's Mission District

Police have launched an investigation in response to threatening graffiti targeting hipsters in San Francisco's Mission District.

The graffiti, which appeared on a wall Friday morning at 24th and Bryant streets, has since been painted over. The graffiti also warns hipsters they have six months to leave the area, and warns "if you don't my soldiers will gladly come gunnin. Kill hipster yuppies."

The graffiti appeared around the corner from the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, which Aaron Presbrey purchased recently with the goal of preserving it.

"Some of that could be directed toward me personally," Presbrey said of the graffiti.  "I'm also concerned about the affect on business and if people want to come to the neighborhood."

Presbrey is not the only one feeling uneasy. San Francisco-resident Sheerein Hosseini called the graffiti intimidating and wonders if those responsible are also vandalizing cars.

"Before my car got broken into yesterday someone tried to break the windshield wipers," Hosseini said.

Police said they are reviewing surveillance video and trying to match the signature to known taggers. Police also said they do not believe the graffiti is gang related.

Supervisor David Campos said a changing population is creating tension in the Mission District.

"There are issues of gentrification and displacement," he said. "But the way to deal with it is through dialogue."

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