25 Most-Viewed Stories of 2011

Apparently, Burning Man is a big deal.

Man, you guys really like Burning Man: four of the top 10, most-viewed stories had something to do with the iconic music and cultural festival. And one of those four was actually from 2010!

The top story (we used page views to create this rather unscientific list) stemmed from the U.S. Surgeon General said West Coasters should take their iodide pills -- apparently reversing the White House's original directive. She later clarified that the pills were not necessary.

Coverage of Apple's legendary leader, Steve Jobs, its new headquarters and its highly successful product launches garnered much attention.

And public nudity and infant circumcision played a page-view role this year, as well.

So the top 25 shakes out like this, in case you'd like to reminisce over the way you apparently burned through Burning Man pictures and Steve Jobs coverage:

1) Conflicting Iodide Message

2) Art of Burning Man

3) Burning Man 2011 in Pictures and Words

4)  SJ Coffee Shop Cited for Nude Waitresses

5)  SF May Ban Infant Circumcision

6)  Student Survives Jump From Golden Gate Bridge

7)  People of Burning Man

8) Burning Man 2011

9) Solyndra to Declare Bankruptcy

10) Obama Gets an iPad 2

11) Anti-Palin Posters Appear in SF

12) Burning Man 2010 in Pictures

13)  San Francisco Mulls Goldfish Ban

14)  Hookers Know Way to San Jose: Cops

15)  Images: Tsunami Hits California Coast

16)  Da Mayor Says Obama Will Get a New Veep

17)  Facebook Inspires Baby's Name

18)  VIDEO: Apple's Proposed HQ Like a 'Spaceship'

19)  $76,000 Cover Charge to Protest

20) Facebook Pulls Unborn Baby's Page

21)  Best Burning Man Ever?

22)  FBI at Solyndra Headquarters

23) Facebook Explodes About Obama's Birth Cert

24) Great Gadget Photos: CES 2011

25) Mexican ID Becomes Valid ID in Sonoma County

Next year? It's election year and the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge. The U.S. Open is in town and the America's Cup race construction will crank up. Another bore will lead us toward Walnut Creek, too. So ... we'll see.

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