Top Apps Have Data Risks

In a world of web hacking, app hacking and various other forms of data corruption, big security holes should not be taken lightly.

Several big internet companies, however, have serious data risks in their Android apps.

LinkedIn, Netflix, FourSquare and Square, were found to be among the top offenders, says the Wall Street Journal.

According to viaForensics, a computer security company, these top four all store various forms of users' personal data in plain text on the mobile device.

The Android apps for LinkedIn, Netflix and FourSquare all were found to leave users names and passwords in unencrypted forms on Google-powered devices.

But the Android apps aren't the only ones in trouble.

viaForensics also found the iPhone versions of Square's mobile payment app, exposed user's transactions amount history and the most recent digital signature of the person who signed the electronic receipt using the application.

Foursquare, Netflix and LinkedIn all said they were aware of the issues and were working on patching the holes.

Square told the WSJ they were also aware, but were not violating the PCI Security Standards Council (the forum that sets the technical requirements for data security.)

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