Getting Hitched? Touch This

Changing the dynamic of a dressing room to say the least

At this point, technology has pretty much taken over the entire romantic cycle.  We start with online dating., J-Date, eHarmony, all ways to find the right person. 

Then, set up that first date with a reservation on Open Table.  Movie night?  Check the Fandango app.  Eventually, you pop the question (OK, can't think of a high-tech option for that, and it's probably for the best). 

But you can plan your entire wedding on the web, the DJ is going to play music on his MP3 player, and all your gifts come from an on line registry.

Now, you can even touch your way to a wedding dress. 

Hewlett Packard is partnering with Priscilla of Boston to help you use technology to find the right dress.  Priscilla is known for its wedding dresses, and wedding dresses are known for, well, taking a long time to narrow down.  So, as the wedding season starts, and as HP tries to nail down new markets for its touch screen PCs, the two shall meet.

Priscilla is about to open a new store right in the hear of Silicon Valley, at Santana Row. With wedding season rapidly approaching, what better time to invite brides (and potential brides) in to give it a try.  Instead of trying on all those dresses, just walk up to a computer, and press a button that will take you to a virtual world where size doesn't matter.

If only potential husbands were as easy to rate:  Touch, ponder, and delete until satisfied.

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