Stephen Ellison

Travis AFB Airman Returns Home, Surprises Family at Discovery Kingdom

After 7 months in Kuwait, assistant flight chief gets back earlier than expected, stuns wife and kids at fun park

An assistant flight chief from Travis Air Force Base got an early trip home Sunday and surprised his family at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.

Technical Sgt. Jacob Thomas was deployed to Kuwait in January and made it back to the Bay Area earlier than expected. Discovery Kingdom officials helped Thomas set up a surprise reunion with his wife and four children during the park's dolphin and sea lion show.

With his family sitting in the audience none the wiser, Thomas was called up as a volunteer to meet the dolphins and surprised his wife Kristen and their children: 15-year-old Jacob Jr., 10-year-old Jordyn, 7-year-old Riley and 19-month-old Kayden.

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