Uber, Lyft Supporters Stage Rally in Sacramento

It might have been hard to find a Lyft in Sacramento on Tuesday -- drivers were rallying.

Pink and black, working together, for a day at least.

Uber and Lyft had supporters turn out in droves on Tuesday at the state Capitol building in Sacramento, in an effort to combat "incoming regulations," according to reports.

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that an "army of drivers," pink mustaches and all, came to the Capitol, where inside business is being done -- insurance business, to be exact.

At issue is insurance liability, and who can be held to account in the event of a mishap involving a Lyft or Uber driver.

Some want Uber and Lyft drivers to carry as much as $1 million in insurance -- for both when the driver has a passenger and when they are "trolling for a ride" -- but a Bay Area assemblywoman, Susan Bonilla of Concord, voiced support for a lower threshhold.

No matter what, some insurance coverage is more than likely -- if not, drivers could face "devastating lawsuits," Bonilla said, according to the newspaper.

Meanwhile, the ridesharing companies are pushing for a compromise that, they say, provides no "gaps" in coverage between personal insurance and what the company carries.

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