Improv Comics Parody Uber With “Uberex,” Where Passengers' Exes Are Their Drivers

Rideshare titan Uber is the butt of a new joke.

Chicago comedy enterprise The Second City has created an Uber parody called Uberex, where passengers are driven by their exes, according to SFist.

In a video called "How to Make Using Uber Even More Uncomfortable" posted to Cracked's YouTube channel, members of Second City describe an imaginary form of Uber called UberEx — a sendup of the actual UberX option — where passengers' exes are their drivers.

This isn't the first high-profile Uber parody to be released on video in the last few weeks. SFist notes a recent video by The Onion called "New Premium Uber Service Lets Users Comandeer Any Car" which depicts a fictional service called Uber Seize: "It locates nearby vehicles for users to stop so they can throw out the current driver and claim the car."

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