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Uber Rider Leaves Behind Backpack, Locked Out of SF Home For Days

San Francisco woman says she couldn't contact the driver by phone, app or social media

A San Francisco woman was locked out of her apartment for days after she mistakenly left a backpack inside an Uber car and was unable to contact the driver or the company.

Now, she's saying there should be a better way to track down lost items in Uber vehicles.

Tera Piserchio got an Uber with a friend Saturday night. After the ride, she realized she left her backpack in the car.

"Jumped out of the car, shut the door, and literally a minute later, I realized I was missing my keys and god knows what else," she said.

Piserchio said she tried unsuccessfully to reach the driver and Uber, by phone, app and even social media.

"I created a Twitter just to reach out to Uber support, which had zero luck," she added.

Uber says it has a link on its website to track lost items. But Piserchio said she had no luck with that either.

"I'm definitely putting people in danger, with him having my keys, but I think the bigger picture issue is that Uber doesn't have procedures in place to, like, get this done faster," she said.

Uber said Thursday it is in the process of helping Piserchio and reiterated that anyone who leaves items in a car should try to reach the driver through the app and try the link on the website for lost items.

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