Facebook Pulls Unborn Baby's Page

Apparently parents-to-be, Ellie and Matt Greene's idea to give their unborn child a Facebook page was too much for Facebook. Facebook's terms of service state users must be 13 years of age, but common sense would point out, an unborn fetus PROBABLY isn't really using the Social Network. Boy, those Facebook guys are sticklers to the rules!

Marriah's parents Ellie and Matt created the profile for their unborn child, as a means to announce the coming child, says

All Facebook.

Wall comments from friends and family are a welcoming daily read such as:

  • “Can’t wait to see you and hold you.”
  • “Beautiful girl, can’t wait to see you!”

The unborn baby has even taken to responding to folks:

  • “I cannot believe I am on CNN and all over the world!”
  • “IKEA is fun, mom is doing the shopping thing again. What is she going to get me now?”

Unborn baby Marriah had even filled out the interest section of her profile. (Something many of us grown-ups haven't found time to do yet.) Her interests included, swimming, Baby Bach and Lady Gaga.


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