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Undocumented Family Awaits Immigration Trial in South Bay

A family from Honduras said they feel like “criminals in the land of the free” after being separated and arrested while trying to cross the border into the United States.

The family was finally reunited this weekend in the South Bay where they beg for asylum, await trail and face a very uncertain future.

"She grabbed my pant leg and didn’t want to let go," said father Wilson, describing the way his daughter, 5-year-old Giselle, was taken from her father’s arms.

The undocumented family, who chose not to disclose their last name, said they were running from violence in Honduras rode to America hoping to find a safe life when they were caught and separated near the border.

Mother Jojany and their son were sent to Los Angeles to await a ruling on their asylum application but Wilson and Giselle were separated.

"I suffered," said Jojany, wondering where her child was and if she was being treated okay.

After weeks of separation and a federal court order, the family was reunited this past weekend.

They are now staying with a host family in the South Bay, waiting for their case to be heard in San Francisco Federal Court.

"I feel like a criminal," said Jojany, as her and her husband wear ankle bracelets that monitor their every move.

"I see them with that on their legs, I feel really, really embarrassed of this country," said family member Guadalupe Gonzalez.

Their family’s sponsors in the South Bay say they’re upset, wondering why the land of the free is treating these people as felons, instead of refugees fleeing violence.

"Well, we have to get used to it," said Wilson.

Despite it all, Wilson said they would do it all over again to get away from the violence that awaits his family back home.

The federal government says the law is clear, and the family broke it by crossing the border illegally.

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