Union Petition Aimed at Getting Independent San Jose Police Auditor Fired

The San Jose Police Officers Association President turned in a petition Monday with more than 500 signatures to the Mayor's Office to demand an independent police auditor be fired for misconduct.

The union said Aaron Zisser's annual report excluded important data and misled the public about racial disparities in the department's use of force.

"He violated the code of ethics, city charter and municipal code," SJPOA President Paul Kelly said. "If a police officer did that he'd be placed on paid administrative leave until it was sorted out."

Zisser said "it seems like an awful lot over something I readily admitted could have been presented better." He added that he worked with everyone to remedy the situation.

LaDoris Cordell, who served as San Jose police auditor from 2010 to 2015, said the union should back off.

"I don't believe this is misconduct," Cordell said. "It may be an error in judgment on his part, but if you read the whole report its objective and accurate."

In a rare move, the San Jose City Council rejected Zisser's original report in May. Zisser has now revised the report to address the council's concerns. Mayor Sam Liccardo says he appreciates that and says the council will review the POA's report and decide whether additional action on Zisser's job is warranted.

The city council will decide Tuesday whether to accept Zisser's amended report.

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