USGS Says Don’t Worry About Recent Quakes

101409 Earthquake Anniversary 7

China’s 6.9 earthquake just last night, along with recent deadly quakes in Haiti, Chile and Mexico have many people living in quake-prone California worried about the potential the shakers are part of a trend.

Fear not California.  Scientists says there is nothing unusual in the tech-tonic world in 2010.

The USGS put out the word on Wednesday that we are well within the normal range and they have the data to back them up.

There have been an average of 16 magnitude seven or greater earthquakes around the world each year when you look all the way back to the year 1900.  

The year that saw the fewest was the year that the Bay Area felt the shaking the most.  In 1989 there were only six earthquakes the USGS defined as "major." Of course one of those was the deadly Loma Prieta quake on Oct. 17 of that year.

Scientist don't want this news to cause us to let our guard down. 

"While the number of earthquakes is within the normal range, this does not diminish the fact that there has been extreme devastation and loss of life in heavily populated areas," said Dr. Michael Blanpied.

Large earthquakes can and will continue to happen just as they have in the past.  For now, they can not be predicted but we can be prepared.  Have a plan that includes a meeting place. Everyone should also know how to text.  Phone lines will go down, making it impossible to talk to your loved ones but texts will still go through no matter how busy the network gets.

The scientist looked through their binoculars and said aftershocks will continue in the regions around each of this year’s major earthquakes sites. They said it's unlikely any of them will be larger than the original earthquake, but structures damaged in the previous events could be further damaged and should be treated with caution.

Beyond the aftershocks, they say the 2010 shakers have not raised the likelihood of future major earthquakes, adding quickly that the likelihood has not decreased either.

Lori Preuitt hopes everyone read that line about texting. It really will be the only hope for communication if the big one does hit.

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