Verizon Rolls Out AT&T-Style Data Plans, But You Shouldn’t Worry


On Oct. 28, Verizon is going to introduce the kind of tiered data plans that AT&T adopted not too long ago. For AT&T customers, it was a pretty big bummer: unless they were already unlimited data customers, there was no way to become one. Turns out, Verizon isn't going to ditch unlimited, at least not yet.

Verizon is going to go ahead and keep an unlimited data plan option for smartphone customers, letting them sign up for all-you-can-eat data for a reasonable $30. If that's too high for you, there's also going to be a $15 monthly plan that lets you use up 150MB (though you'll be charged a dime for every megabyte you go over), and an even cheaper pay-as-you-go option that's $2 per megabyte. By comparison, AT&T doesn't offer any unlimited plan now for smartphone customers.

Tablet owners don't have an unlimited plan to choose from. At least, not yet. The presence of tiered plans on top of unlimited ones is an interesting move for Verizon. Does the company hope to move one way or another in the future? Will the possible popularity of tablets bring about an unlimited option for them in the future? Only time will tell, but it's good to see that Verizon isn't blindly following AT&T's lead.

Via Engadget

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