Why a Win for the 49ers is a Win for the Economy

What's good for Harbaugh is good for America.

As the 49ers go, so goes the economy.

Stock-market watchers can't help but observe that rallies on the football field for the 49ers -- and specifically, Vince Lombardi trophy glory -- are followed by rallies in the market, according to MarketWatch.

As a matter of fact, four of the five best years for the market have been years in which the 49ers reached the Super Bowl, according to the Web site.

Joe Montana and company were good for investors. MarketWatch observes that "the Niners’ Super Bowl wins in 1985, 1989 and 1995 were followed by annual gains of 27.7 percent, 27 percent and 33.5 percent, respectively, for the Dow industrials."

Of course, if we're willing to say correlation is causation, then maybe it's best for all that the 49ers go to the Super Bowl and lose -- last year, in the wake of Baltimore's blackout victory over the Niners in New Orleans, the market gained over 26 percent.

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