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Craigslist Ad Proposes Marriage in Exchange for Rent-Controlled Apartment

Faced with skyrocketing rents, many San Francisco residents are taking creative steps to keep their rent-controlled apartments. But one Craigslist user takes the cake, jokingly offering her hand in marriage in exchange for a sub-lease. 

Although she declined to give her name, a business student is advertising her charming 385-square-foot Nob Hill apartment for $1400 a month – a good bargain when you consider that similar studios are renting for around $2,000. 

The current tenant will be leaving the Bay Area for the next two years, and in order to work around the “no sub-leasing” stipulation in her rent control agreement, she is attempting to take advantage of a loophole that allows current renters to sub-lease to one of their relatives.

“We’re all trying to make dreams come true here, and this should be no exception,” she writes in the ad. “I am PROPOSING (see what I did there) that I (we) get married on paper so that I get to keep my apartment and you get to enjoy the sub-market rate of said apartment for the 2 years that I am away.

The advertisement has since been removed, but it will likely go down as one of the more comical San Francisco real estate tales, not just for its creativity but also for its humor. 

"..."I'll be the dopest (paper) wife EVER," the woman wrote in the ad. "You can decorate this place any way you want. Plaid on plaid? Sure. That neon bar sign you stole back in college that you refuse to give up? I've got just the wall for it. Faux tiger skin rug? RAWR! Lay it on down!"

Sounds like a steal.  

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