A ‘Haunt'-ing Experience at California's Great America

Theme park mavens, the Santa Clara destination is about to get super-ghoulish.

HALLOWEEN FANS? You can't possibly lump them all together, in one ghoulie group, in terms of their particular tastes. There are those fans that dig a decorated yard, one that's full of pumpkins, while others prefer a Halloween-style concert, one rocking some shivery songs. There are those mavens who are mad for movies, the spooky kind, while others are 100% here for the candy. And the theme park aficionado? That is a whole different level, at least when it comes to visiting some of the biggies around a certain state. And a certain state that goes by the name of California certainly has quite a few major theme park experiences come the fall, experiences of the most monstrous variety. One of the tried-and-true terrifiers? Oh hello, it's Halloween Haunt at California's Great America in Santa Clara. 

WILL YOU DARE TO VISIT? Then find your courage, and perhaps a light jacket, too, for it all kicks off beginning on Sept. 27, with a big run into early November. The final night for 2019? That would be Nov. 3, though note that, like most theme park spectaculars, Halloween Haunt will only pop up on select evenings. What will you find there, if you do step through the gates? A number of attractions and extravaganzas and eek-you-out experiences, with the new Wax Museum BLACKOUT adding chills. Also new? Killer Clown Town, which, yes, will include clowns. Tooth Fairy, Zombie High, and a number of other ghostly doings will draw visitors in during the Halloween Haunt's run. 

SO ARE YOU VISITING EVERY THEME PARK, up and down the Golden State, that has something frightful afoot this fall? Best add California's Great America to your list, if you want to be a completest. For every Halloween fan has her thing, whether it is seeing every cool yard in a city, every eerie escape room, or every theme park that's got a number of wicked mazes and attractions to both please and weird out guests.

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