Blowhole Bliss: Adopt-A-Whale Package at Monterey Tides

The close-to-the-waves getaway has a sweet offer for fluke-fascinated guests.

Monterey Tides

EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T SLEEP... for several weeks, and you had a pair of top-notch binocs around your neck, and you had a boat at the ready, or a prime place on a way-up-there bluff, you still would only see a fraction of the Pacific Grays that pass by the California coast each winter on their annual migratory journey. For some 20,000 whales are on that trek, it is estimated, and spying 20,000 of anything that's on the move, in the water, is going to be on the trickier side (only the sun and moon will play witness to most of the whale action, if you want to get poetic about it). But suddenly spying a single dramatic spray from a blowhole, or a fluke splash on the ocean's surface, or a couple of humps rising out of the waves in the distance? Lucky you. Not everyone gets to admire such wonders, that's true. Nor can everyone say they've adopted a whale. But travelers booking the Adopt-A-Whale package at Monterey Tides can say just that, for the hotel is working with the non-profit Oceanic Society to create a special treat for cetacean fans staying at the Pacific-adjacent property.

AN ADOPTION CERTIFICATE... is part of the package, and that includes "... a photo and information about your whale." Also, "(e)mail updates about your whale and the Whales of Guerrero Program" will continue throughout your first year as a whale adoptee. It's cute stuff, all to raise awareness about our blowhole-rocking mammalian friends, which is part of the Oceanic Society's important mission (it is "...dedicated to conserving marine wildlife and habitats by deepening the connections between people and nature"). For more on the getaway package, the adoption certificate, and the hip-sandy-sunshine vibe of the Joie de Vivre hotel, best raise your own fluke above the waterline and go for a deep dive now.

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