Morro Bay Favorite: City-Wide Yard Sale

Loads of vintage-cool, need-this-now stuff'll be out around the water-close village.

A SLIGHT ZING... can course through one's veins upon visiting another town and finding that the town is flush with quirky, interesting thrift and vintage stores. A bigger zing arises when those stores put some of their funky items out on the curb, for better display, and possibly because they're on sale. And the zing goes through the proverbial roof when several stores, as well as homes, get in on the stuff/curb action, meaning you'll get a lot of looking in while passing through town. Such block-long or street-big yard-sale-y happenings don't occur all that often, but there are a few places around California that are so into the idea of "everyone sell whatever you like, all together, at once!" that the town puts it on the calendar. 

MORRO BAY... is one of those towns, and the Pacific-snug burg's annual City-Wide Yard Sale has become something of a legend among lookie-loos (as well as buy-y-loos, too). Locals shop at their neighbors' yards and driveways, but visitors from elsewhere swing through, too, to see what cool lampshades or mid-century end tables or fringe-laden jackets they can find and purchase. The 2017 weekend-long tradition is up soon, on Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2, with a preview on Friday, March 31. Need a map to the aptly named "Treasure Hunt Weekend"? There are a couple of ways to score one, but starting here is a solid first step. Happy finding, lovers of yard sales, and happy enjoying the Central Coast, all others who've come just to soak up the social 'n sweet shop-around scene.

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