Tomato Time at Love Apple Farm

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TOMATO TASTY: When anything is billed as the "dot dot dot largest something in California," we drop whatever we're doing (usually whatever we're doing happens to involve turning ... into "dot dot dot," which is more time-consuming than it would seem). And if the dot-dot-dot-ing involves food in its natural and deliciously fresh state? Yep. Other stuff immediately dropped. It turns out the next hyperbolic happening just ahead is the largest tomato seedling sale in all the Golden State. It's happening at the Love Apple Farm, north-ish of Santa Cruz, starting on Saturday, March 26.

THAT'S NOT ALL: There's a whole Tomato Extravaganza Day going down at Love Apple on Saturday, April 30, so two swing-bys might be in order. Especially if the fruit kind of rules your life. And if you're the kind of person who thinks there's nothing better on a July night than a fat slice of something heirloom-y between two pieces of plain white bread, with some mayo, then you're the kind of person who puts "LARGEST SEEDLING SALE CALIFORNIA!!!" on your calendar, in tomato-red ink.

LOVE APPLE FARM: We also have to add that not only are we fond of the farm's handle, but we like its tagline, too: "A biodynamic quest for vegetable perfection."

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