TripAdvisor Hearts Napa

Brent A. Miller

IF YOU HAD TO... Could you? We imagine yes, regardless of how that sentence ends. But in this instance what we mean is this: If you heard that a certain area near where you live was chosen as a big dining destination, and several spots were cited as being especially tasty, could you name what spots were likely chosen, just from your local expertise? Okay, it is a bit of a parlor game, and there's no prize but the pride in being correct, but we have a theory that denizens love their dinners, and when a national shout-out comes along, those same locals try to predict what places were given the love. So, go: Napa was given the number two spot on TripAdvisor's Top 10 Food & Wine Destinations. Oh, and lookie-here: San Francisco is number five. Now. Can you name the restaurants given the spotlight?

HERE GOES: TripAdvisor loved on the Napa Valley Wine Train, Vintner's Collective, Mustards Grill, and O'Brien Estate Winery. In San Francisco? Restauran Gary Danko, Ferry Building Marketplace, Green Dream Tours, and Boudin all racked up the plaudits. We should also make mention that California is the only state with two spots on the two ten. Yes! (We just did that make-a-fist-and-pull-it-back move.) Okay, we're not sure why that excites us in particular, since we either adore or want to visit the other cities on the list. Can't all culinary cities just get along? Despite competitions? We know they can.

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