Witches & Wizards to Ride the Harvest Haunt Express

A magical weekend is ahead for the history Gold Country rails.

TRANSPORTATION? It figures largely in those riveting tales that swirl with magic, and enchanting lands, and mysterious castles, and characters who can easily wield a wand. The mode of transportation found within these stories does vary, from intelligent broomsticks to hot air balloons that can travel through time, but you can often count on seeing a few on-the-move icons appear in some whimsical yarns. A train is one such icon, having famously appeared in the Harry Potter books as well as a host of stories that involve spell-casting individuals needing to travel from Point A to Point B. But today's witches and wizards don't always have the opportunity to chugga-chugga down the rails while they rock their robes and all-important hats. Unless, of course, they turn their broomstick for...

JAMESTOWN, in Gold Country, over the final weekend of October 2019. For that's when Railtown 1897, the historic line that takes visitors into the heart of some truly historic and beautiful Sierra foothills landscapes, will be holding its annual Witches & Wizards Weekend on the Harvest Haunt Express. That means your tot can don her favorite costume for the excursion train, a locomotive that will be in the pre-Halloween swing of things. The dates are Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27, and there are four rides a day to choose from, beginning at 10:30 in the morning. 

IS THERE A YOUNG WIZARD... or witch living under your roof? Are you looking for a family-delightful way to connect with nature, and autumn, while it is still autumn, and take in some sightseeing, too? Step aboard the Harvest Haunt Express for a low-key but lively adventure that's all about trains, fall fun, and kids in magical costumes. Tickets and such? Wave your wand now.

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