You Could Buy a Small Village Or This $8 Million IPhone

What would you do with $8 million? Buy a house? Or a sports car?

Even if you splurged on both, the chances of you having a bit of cash leftover for a trip around the world is still pretty good. Now if you said you would spend all eight million on an iPhone 4 with 500 diamonds on it, then you need to sit down and make sure you know how many zeros come after that number eight.

This super-expensive iPhone is made by the British jeweler, Stuart Hughes and has a handmade bezel. According to Mashable, aside from the already insane 500 diamonds lined around the steel band, there are 53 diamonds on the iPhone's back (on the Apple logo) and a platinum home button with a 7.4-carat pink diamond. Sadly, there will only be two of these special diamond iPhones made.

Just for fun, why don't we do a little number crunching and compare how many 16GB iPhone 4's eight million could net you. If you bought each 16GB iPhone 4 at $600 without a contract, with $8 million, you can buy a total of 13,333 iPhone 4's.

All of which would have the same external antenna design. We're just saying it's a lot of iPhone 4s — and a lot of cash that can be spent on next year's iPhone and the one after and the one after for many years to come.

Mashable, via TMCnet

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