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2 hours ago

Pentagon May Restrict Transgender Service: Supreme Court

5 hours ago

Disasters Influence Thinking on Climate Change, Poll Finds

2 hours ago

LA Teachers Union, District Reach Agreement to End Strike

25 minutes ago

Trump Moving Ahead With State of the Union Speech: Source

3 hours ago

Drumroll Please: Complete 2019 Oscars Nominations List

3 hours ago

Many Videos, Many Interpretations of Viral DC March Encounter

23 minutes ago

Trump Proposal Panned as Workers Face Another Lost Paycheck

10 minutes ago

US Cancels Trade Planning Meeting With China, Source Says

5 minutes ago

'Person of Interest' Sought After Boston Woman Vanishes

2 hours ago

San Francisco Is a ‘Train Wreck’ of Inequality Because of Silicon Valley, Salesforce CEO Says

5 hours ago

Giuliani Walks Back Comments About Trump, Moscow Project

3 hours ago

Chris Brown Detained in Paris After Rape Complaint

Monday, Jan 21, 2019 at 7:50 AM
By Nina Lin , Danielle Abreu

'Net Pay: $0.00': How the Shutdown Is Affecting the Country

Closed airport terminals. Blank paychecks. Vandalized parks and monuments. View gallery »

  • TSA Lines
  • Food Banks and Businesses Feed Furloughed Workers
  • Farmers Unable to Apply for Loans
Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019 at 5:37 AM

2 University of Oklahoma Students Leave School After Blackface Routine

3 hours ago

Supreme Court Won't Hear Case of HS Football Coach Fired for On-Field Prayer

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