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Pet Parrot May Serve As Witness In Murder Case, But Will He Be Flighty?



    Family Believes Parrot Witnessed Murder of Their Son

    A Michigan couple is hoping a foul-mouthed parrot will help find their son's killer, NBC affiliate WOOD reports. Bud is an African grey parrot with a filthy mouth who also may have witnessed his owner's murder. "Don't f--ing shoot," the bird says on a video that Lillian and Charles Duram took several weeks after their son's shooting.

    Martin Duram, 45, was shot and killed in his home in May 2015 in what police first thought was a double-homicide, though Michigan State Police reports obtained under the Freedom of Information Act suggest it may have been an attempted murder-suicide.

    Duram's parents said they're frustrated that nobody has been charged in the death. They also say they believe the bird is a witness. "I personally think he was there and he remembers it and he was saying it," Duram's father, Charles Duram, said. (Published Friday, June 3, 2016)

    In Michigan, one pet owner may rue the day she adopted her parrot.

    Glenna Duram is currently on trial, charged with murdering her 45-year-old husband Martin on May 12, 2015. Bud, her African grey parrot, is the sole witness to the crime. And he’s been vocal about what he saw.

    "Don't f---ing shoot," Bud said on a video recorded by family members weeks after the killing, NBC News reports.

    "That bird picks up anything and everything," Martin’s mother, Lillian Duram, told Today in June. "He's got the filthiest mouth around."

    The local prosecutor previously told NBC affiliate WOOD in Grand Rapids that he has not ruled out putting the African Grey parrot on the stand.

    Duram, who survived what prosecutors believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, is charged with first-degree murder.