Apps to Liven Your Super Bowl Festivities

Spice it up, answer correctly, get behind the scenes information and victory is yours – and your smart phone’s of course

Boring Super Bowl party ahead of you? There’s an app for that. The Telegraph Herald compiled a list of the best apps to accompany you on game day. Here they are:

Madden NFL 12
iPhone and Android -$4.99
Maybe the game isn’t quite going where you’d like it to. Take matters into your own hands – er, fingertips – and score a virtual victory on this fun game.

ESPN ScoreCenter
iPhone and Android - Free
All eyes are on the NFL, but with this app, you can get scores, news and standings from leagues all over the world, in addition to some game analysis and other alerts to compliment your Super Bowl experience.

NFL Super Bowl Trivia
Android - Free
Armchair quarterbacks can for once beat out the real quarterbacks by guessing trivia questions correctly. Make it into a competition with party-goers and the competition will heat up.

Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials
iPhone and Android - 99 cents
This app allows users to search past and present Super Bowl commercials – that’s why we’re all watching the game anyway, right?
iPhone and Android - Free
The app lists recipes that can be made in 20 minutes or less, such as cream cheese garlic spread, quiche or deviled eggs.

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