Chris Evans On Bonding With “The Avengers”

It's one thing to come to grips with playing a comic book icon like Captain America. It's quite another to know you then have to be part of team of icons.

So, Chris Evans, what was it like when The Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk) got together in costume for the first time? 

“Pretty f***ing cool, man,” is how Evans put it to us when asked about joining the super-powered line-up alongside Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/The Hulk) as well as Scarlett Johansson (covert ops agent Black Widow, seen in "Iron Man 2") and Jeremy Renner (bow and arrow marksman Hawkeye, glimpsed briefly in "Thor").

“In 'Captain America' you're the only one in a superhero outfit,” Evans tells PopcornBiz, “so you know you're making a superhero movie, but it's still different. The first day I came on set, the two people that really did it for me were Thor and Iron Man. Seeing the Iron Man suit…I love those movies and seeing the suit in real life was cool! And Hemsworth – I mean, he IS Thor. He's huge and puts the cape on and the wig and you're like 'Jesus. This guy IS the God of Thunder.'”

And while Cap may be the natural leader among the Marvel heroes, it’s the actor behind the Armored Avenger who’s been the point man for Evans behind the scenes. “I can't say enough about Downey,” says Evans. “Downey has been so great. He's so positive and so available. Anything that I wanted – if I said, 'I'm struggling with x, y and z, can we talk?' 'Of course.' He's an amazing guy.”

Evans adds that having another relative newcomer in Hemsworth (both "Thor" and "Captain America" made their movie debuts this year) nearby has also helped ease his mind.

“Hemsworth and I are kind of in the same boat, especially on this film. Everyone on 'Avengers' is so accomplished and experienced. So Hemsworth and I are both kind of in uncharted waters," says Evans. "But it's been great for us that we can have one another.”

Not that there aren't limits to their bro-mance.

“I won't touch his hammer,” laugh Evans. “He's a scary dude when he's in that outfit.”

"The Avengers" opens May 4, 2012, but "Captain America" arrives in theaters this Friday.

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