Chrome Moving Over to iPhone, iPad

Google's I/O conference continues to be the gift that gives this week: Chrome is coming to iOS.

One of the quickest, most elegant browsers around is queued up to make many Apple fanboys very happy. The browser hits iPhone first, then iPad.

Update: Maybe that above paragraph is too pie-in-the-sky. Chrome will not have Nitro, as Buzzfeed points out, so it won't be able to run the scripts as fast as the native browser, Safari. So this isn't an apples-to-apples comparison, exactly.

However, Chrome is at the top of the App Store charts, so more than a few are going to give it a ride.

Users pick up a browser that not only preloads sites, but also syncs tabs looked at on a desktop and have them automatically load on the phone. Your recent history follows you, basically. 

Google didn't announce how this pleasant surprise came about, but Engadget muses it's most likely a matter of integration.

Safari, Apple's native browser, has a vast lead on mobile/tablet browser share, according to But, of course, Google has an even huger lead in mobile search. So, pair the two together and ... Google still needs to sell more Android phones to close the overall business gap.

That said, later today, thousands will add Chrome to their iPhone life via the App Store.

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