Fully Functional Steampunk Mac

Keyboard is 114 years old.

 That steampunk plasma speaker that popped up earlier today isn't too shabby of a DIY project, but we think we've already found a new steampunk king: Wozniak's Conundrum — a fully functional Mac with a Remington typewriter keyboard from 1897 wired up to its brains and a mouse built from an old Morse Code telegraph key.

Steve La Riccia owns one special Mac. While Apple's been busy tooting its new thin and light MacBooks, iMacs and iPads, Steve bunkered down for over three months and built himself a steampunk Mac.

Parts used include a 1991 Mac running Mac OS 7.5, the 114-year-old Remington typewriter keyboard, the telegraph key mouse, a 56K modem built from old phone parts and a floppy drive.

Because typewriters didn't have a "return/enter" key, Steve had to use a workaround. Instead of a key button, Steve repurposed the typewriter's cartridge release lever (the part that lifts the ink off and lets you roll the paper up to go to the next line) into a "hard return/enter" button. Neato.

Steve's steampunk Mac is currently on display at The Mac Store in Eugene, Oregon. If you're around there, we'd say it's worth peep. Steampunk never gets old, if it's done right.

The Mac Store


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