Good News for the “Red Dawn” Remake

Remember that remake of the 1984 movie "Red Dawn" that was shot over two years ago and whose cast of then up-and-comers (Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palicki, Josh Hutcherson) have mostly up and come?

Well, it's not dead, according to financially-strapped studio MGM, but it may undergo some hasty, VERY last minute changes because the studio doesn't want to offend China.

The only problem? The movie's main villain is China.

In the original, which starred Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, and C. Thomas Howell, America is invaded by the combined Communist power of the Cuban and Russian militaries, and a small band of high schoolers go from surviving in the hills to forming a guerilla-style rebel outfit. In order to avoid having to change the title (what's the point of a remake if it can't be instantly re-sold, right?), the makers of the new version simply made Communist China the invading military

MGM - now realizing, again, two years later - that they may want to sell this movie to audiences in China, are reconsidering the choice of bad guys.

Their solution? According to Collider, it's this: digitally change the Chinese flags to North Korean. Done and done.

So rather than a nation of a billion people with an economy threatening to dethrone the U.S.'s claim to World'll be North Korea. Because really, what's the difference, right? 

Good thing almost everyone involved in this has already locked down bigger projects. This will no doubt be a disaster.

Just to refresh your hazy 80s memories....

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