Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Restaurant Providing Meals to Workers Responding to Oil Spill

The "Soul Bowl" is available immediately for takeout or dine-in for any workers responding to the spill.

oil spill huntington beach, california
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

A restaurant in Huntington Beach is providing free meals to the rescue workers responding to the major oil spill off the coast, beginning Sunday.

Good Vibes Plant-Based Bar and Kitchen, located at 501 Main St. in Huntington Beach, is giving free food "to those working to save wildlife from the 126,000 gallons of post-production crude oil leaking into the Pacific Ocean," the restaurant said in a news release.

Community volunteers are also delivering meals from the restaurant to workers attempting to save wildlife affected by the spill.

The "Soul Bowl" is available immediately, for takeout or dine-in, for any workers responding to the spill, which was reported on Saturday.

Cleanup and wildlife rescue efforts were well underway on Sunday, with officials providing updates throughout the afternoon and advising SoCal residents to stay out of the water and away from the beach as oil from the spill washed ashore.

According to the release, the restaurant family has also "delivered more than 80,000 restaurant meals to healthcare professionals, front-line workers and vulnerable seniors" over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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