Instagram May Soon Be More Robust

The popular photo-sharing app may have its own online presence soon

Instagram, the photo-sharing app recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion, could be adding more functionality to its website, according to rumors swirling around the Internet on Monday.

The buzz started when web designer Cole Reinke reportedly found a "View Profile" link on Instagram's official website. Although the link is now gone, the discovery could indicate more functionality will soon be available on the website.

Currently, the site only allows users to change passwords, update profile information and download the app.

"Online Instagram profiles coming soon? Clicking on the link lead me to a 404 error at my profile address. When I looked to see if it was still there three hours later, it had disappeared. But before I saw the option appear, Instagram went down for a minute or two," wrote Reinke on his Tumblr page.

In the past, the company has stressed its focus is on the mobile app, and not its website.

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